Dagnys Coffe Co. 2016, Bakersfield, Ca

Street of Style 2016, Curitiba, Brazil

Honors English, Second Chances, Text Animation

U-N-I, Pulp Fiction, Story board / Sketches

Auks One, Action Packed Art Sequence

The Wall at Central Square, Cambridge, Ma

The Mind of Man, Time lapse Illustration

5 Pointz Queens, New York 2013

Kulturez 2011 , Harvard ​Sq, Cambridge, Ma

Rooftop Legends 2011, Manhattan, NY

Raekwon, Road to Release, Art: Auks Animation: Josh Milowe

M Jota, Madre, R.I.P. Mural

Manifesting the God Head, Bakersfield, Ca

Zella Lane Rockaway Beach, NY

Mural at Guthries Alley Cat by Auks One

Things Graffiti Writers say  5Pointz NY



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